le·git·i·mate [adj., n. li-jit-uh-mit; v. li-jit-uh-meyt]– lawful: in accordance with established standards: genuine.

"Very few things in life leave you feeling better 99.9% of the time...
Massage is one of those few things."

At LegitMassage.com, we have a mission: we want you to feel better and give you the tools to do that. Gone are the days of flipping through the phone book, trying to find a legitimate massage therapist. Or trying to find that crumpled napkin with the name of a person who was recommended by a friend of a co-worker who knew someone who gave a massage once. We live in ever-changing times.

Why wouldn't we want to take the stress out of de-stressing? Exactly. And this is how LegitMassage was born.

As massage therapists and web developers, we looked at other online directories out there and kept coming upon the same problems: complicated, unprofessional directories that were difficult to use. The technology was dated and let's face it, they just looked bad. And to add to the confusion, there were erotic profiles posted alongside the professional profiles. Driven by our vision to create a better way, we started by looking at the experience through you - the client's eyes - and building our website from the ground up.

We only feature LMT's - licensed massage therapists - who fulfill the state law requirements to practice massage therapy in your area. And each therapist has been personally selected to join the site. We are adamant about standards: to provide excellent service and maintain the legitimacy of our profession. And that is why we choose LegitMassage as our name.

In the words of Thomas Edison: "There's a way to do it better - find it." We hope you've found your better way.